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I often get asked this question!


I always wanted to be a performer but I was never sure in which capacity. After years of dressing up in my mum’s clothes, directing my friends and making my parents watch me “act” out dying and coming back to life to the Twin Peaks theme tune, it was no surprise to them that I wanted to start performing arts classes!


When I left School I trained at the Poor School so I could train whilst continuing to work my normal job during the day. I went on to tour with Pantomimes, Shakespeare for Kids and perform at open air venues including Polesden Lacey and Waverley Abbey.


I then started onscreen acting in short films, corporate films and pharmaceutical films. After several years, I wanted to learn about the other side of the business. I worked at a Theatrical Agency for 7 years as an Agent which taught me a lot about casting and auditioning. I then left this job to have my first son and after a year of not working, I decided to step into the world of Voiceovers…


I started by training in Voiceover and  recording my voice reels. My first Voiceover job was on a corporate film alongside Richard Branson and my love of Voiceover was born. I got on so well with my Voiceover agent that they trained me to be a Sound Engineer. In between my own voice jobs I would direct, edit and produce other actor’s voice reels and jobs which taught me a lot about the technical side of the job. My time working there means I am comfortable directing and editing myself and can also take direction from my clients.


I am now 10 years into working as a Voice Actor and my clients include Virgin, Legoland, Lloyds Bank, Fisher Price, Audible to name a few…

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